About Pastor

davidrrkPastor David R.K was born in a ministry family. David involved in full time ministry since he was a child. He began traveling with his father Senior Pastor Bishop.Paul K. to villages, Towns, and un-reached areas one day he has seen people how they are without God worshiping Idols people are living in bondages after seeing these incidents really my heart is broken so I came to my home asked God and cried before God then God has given me a vision that to reach the unreached then I started preaching gospel in villages, towns, unreached communities with the Anointing of God helping the hurting, feeding the hungry, caring for the Children, hope the hopeless, water to the thirsty, shelter for the poor, and to show Christ compassion to everyone without caste and creed.

Pastor David, his father Bishop Paul.K s and his three brothers are involved full time Ministry in different parts of India .

“I am happy to tell that we are in kingdom business to win many souls in to the kingdom of God”

David has completed his theological studies in bachelor of Theology and in Bachelor of arts. David is the Dist Secretary youth Cell of AICC ( All India Christian Council)