Our Mission

Our Mission


Reaching out, saving lives

 1. To bring 1 million souls for Christ.

2. To reach the un-reached villages for Jesus and pioneer the churches.

3. To raise the prayer partners in every country in the world.

4. To bring the neglected children and the orphans who are the next generation and provide shelter, food and education and make them as good stewards.

5.To concentrate on Orphan children’s welfare for which prayerfully planned to build an orphanage for 500 kids, school and Hospital, attached to the orphanage is also planned for which we have been praying so.

6.To reach 1000 unreached villages.

7.To become a self supporting organization.

8.To share the love of Christ through humanitarian initiatives.

9. To support at least 500 pastors who are working by faith in different un-reached villages in spite of many problems & needs.

10. To provide drinking water where there is a need.

11. To buy jeeps and send the film teams to promote the gospel to the un-reached villages.

12. To construct at least 5 orphanages centers in needy places.

13. To start a HIV/AIDS hope care center and show the love of Christ.

14.To conduct Pastors Conferences and Gospel Crusades to lead the people and strengthen the church in as many regions as we can in India.

15. Its’ also our prayer for widows and aged women must be taken care of so that that Lord’s blessings may shower upon us. Through following ways we like to consider them such as providing shelter & food & clothes if they are aged women if they widows who are young will be provided rehabilitation such as sewing center, embroidery, toys making, etc.